June 18, 2013

Fat Choy

One of the hottest restaurants around is located within Eureka Casino on East Sahara. Before Fat Choy, Chef Sheridan Su (former executive chef at Comme Ca) was serving Great Bao in the most unlikely place; a nail salon. I never tried it back then because I have an aversion to the smell. Dining with salon fumes never seemed appetizing in the least bit. I never tracked down the food truck, and it's taken me sometime to travel to the eastside, but I've finally done it. The Eureka Casino was nicer than I expected and I had heard interesting characters patronize the casino. However, on Sunday afternoon it was clean, quiet and no characters in sight. Not sure what it says about me, but I felt right at home. We strolled back to Fat Choy and took a seat.

The waitress brought over menus; they had a limited selection and no rice or noodle dishes. We selected the duck bao ($7), and the tofu mushroom bao ($6) after she suggested it over the pork belly ($7). We also ordered the short rib grilled cheese ($10) and the nutella roti ($6) for dessert. We chose a plain old diet coke and diet dr. pepper from their new soda machine with dozens of flavors. Our bao came out first. Duck and pork belly were brought out. The order was wrong, but we stuck with it. The buns are steamed to perfection. The pork belly was fantastic, the fat rendered perfectly so it was rich, tender and filled with that wonderful pork flavor. I loved the freshness from the cilantro and greens, and the texture of the crushed peanuts. This was indeed great bao. The duck was delicious too. The hoisin sauce was light and didn't overwhelm the duck at all. Now, I'm curious how the mushroom and tofu bao would be. Tasty, I'm sure.

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The short rib grilled cheese comes with provolone and cheddar, onion jam and a side of marinara sauce. I'm a purist when it comes to grilled cheese; I'd prefer it with only one type of cheese. I thought the two cheeses made it a bit greasy, the sourdough bread grilled beautifully and the short rib was tender and flavorful with the onion jam. The marinara was thick from the tomato paste. Again, not my preference, but still all the components make and enjoyable sandwich. My husband liked it just fine. My tastebuds just didn't concur. There was nothing notable about the fries.

The Nutella Roti had me intrigued, nutella, mascarpone, honey and walnuts on roti... what's not to love? The wait, as it turns out. We waited and waited and waited. We would've cancelled had our waitress been around. She conveniently disappeared. We waited and waited some more. It was ridiculous. We asked the other waitress and she said it would be right up. We waited and waited. Finally, the pancake topped with goo was brought to the table. The pancake was incredibly greasy aside from that the flavors were pretty good, but definitely not worth the wait. I could be more forgiving if it were busy, but we were one of three tables. I'd hope they weren't that far in the weeds with seven diners.

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Our patience wore thin; we refused to be held hostage for our bill so my husband went to the counter to take care of it. The eats are pretty darn tasty. I'd return for more bao and I'd love to try the duck rice and potstickers. I certainly hope service will be improved.

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