June 25, 2013

We are the Champions!

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I'll let you in on a little secret, I was never a fan of hockey until this season's playoffs. Go ahead, call me a bandwagon fan. I admit it, I am. I've been a Sox fan as long as I can remember, I grew up watching the Bears, and I joined the Bulls craze back in the MJ days, but the Blackhawks? Nope, I tried to get into hockey when the Blackhawks won the 2010 Cup, but I was bored to tears. I watched them win it all in the most anticlimactic game ever.

Fast forward to this season's play offs. We have friends here in Vegas, that also moved from Chicago, and they are diehard Blackhawk fans. Windy City Beefs N Pizza ran specials for all Blackhawks games so we started going when the Blackhawks faced the Kings. At least six of us, would go each game to root for our team. It was never dull. The two losses were disappointing, but the OT, and the wins kept us on the edge of our seats. Last night to see them come from behind and score two goals in 17 seconds was incredible. It has been an unforgettable wild ride. We celebrated with champagne, fireworks, cigars and Nothing Bunt Cake. As thrilled as we all were, I cannot imagine the excitement felt in Chicago. Way to go, Chicago Blackhawks. You guys fought hard and deserve the championship. I suspect I'm not the only fan gained this season.

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