June 26, 2013

Farewell, Firebird!

A week after saying good-bye to the Jimmy, we were saying farewell to the Firebird. The Firebird is a 1998 Trans Am WS6, with only 29k original miles. It was our baby. So rare, it was our most valuable possession. When Frank first mentioned selling it, I was shocked. While we've had a blast with it, we don't drive it often enough to continue to store it, pay for the insurance and registration. Signing the title was no easy task, it felt like we were giving away our first born. We've driven it to Phoenix, Sedona, Zion, San Diego, and the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterrey to the MX border. I'm sure summer nights won't feel quite the same; but I'll cherish the long drives.

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Edward said...

I guess no one else is curious, but I am. Since you have sold two vehicles, what do y'all do for transportation? You can't drive the razr down the street.

Kellee said...

Neither the Firebird or the Jimmy were daily drivers. We had four vehicles, now we're down to two. Plus, the RZR.