October 17, 2012

KoMex Express

On our way back from the ET highway we were starved. I searched my bookmarks on Yelp and saw that we were near KoMex Express. It's a hole in the wall specializing in freshly prepared Korean Mexican dishes. Yes, Korean and Mexican. Marrying these bold flavors is a slam dunk of deliciousness.

We snacked on chips and salsa while we waited. Waits can be long because everything is made to order. The tasty guacamole will whet your appetite and you'll be eager to dig in when your order is up.

We had the Fusion Bulgogi Nachos and three tacos: pork, chicken, and beef with a side of stir fried kimchi.

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Neither of us are too familiar with Korean dishes. So, I can't vouch for how authentic these flavors are, but they are indeed tasty.

The Nachos were ginormous and better than most you'd find in Mexican restaurants. The chips are crisp and can easily support the sweet heat mountain of toppings. This is a feast. The only complaint is that we wished the cheese was thoroughly melted.

The tacos were really great too. This visit the chicken had more flavor than the other two. I'm usually the biggest fan of pork so this was quite a surprise. The kimchi on the side was decent, but the weakest link. It just didn't pack the punch the tacos or the nachos did.

These fusion bites are good eats. It's a nice find for when you're craving something a little out of the ordinary.

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