October 26, 2012

Chronic Tacos

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We first saw Chronic Tacos in LA, but never got the chance to eat there. So, when I heard there was one in Vegas, my brother and I sought it out. The only way to get there from my side on town - the SW - is to risk your life via several roundabouts. I'm a skilled driver, but I despise those things. We made it in one piece without incident, phew.

Now give me food to calm myself.

Not able to decide on what I wanted, I ordered three tacos: fish, carnitas and carne asada. My brother tried the chicken and carne asada. We were the only people in the restaurant and the staff seemed highly annoyed by our presence.

I grabbed a diet coke from the soda machine and it tasted terrible, flat yet it tasted only like seltzer. I couldn't drink it. I don't do regular soda so I was out of luck.

I dug into the tacos. The fish taco wasn't the worst I've had, but I wouldn't call it good. Edible. The Carnitas were the best of three. The carne asada was so salty. I about died. It was inedible. My brother agreed on the carne and thought the chicken was decent.

I couldn't believe I risked my life on the roundabout deathtraps for this! Leaving, I was forced to gamble again. A few close calls, but we made it home safely. Thank goodness, I would not want Chronic Tacos for a last meal.

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