October 25, 2012


I've been meaning to try BabyStacks for sometime, and now there's a second location much closer to home at Buffalo/Flamingo. We finally got over there to give it a whirl on Saturday afternoon. We were seated at the counter since the tables were full. We didn't mind it.

We looked over the menu; Frank chose the Mexican Skillet ($9.95) with Red Velvet pancakes ($1.50). I went with a short order of Banana Cream Pie pancakes ($5.75).

Everything was really delicious. The skillet was the perfect blend of savory flavors, the red velvet pancakes followed like dessert and the banana cream pie pancakes weren't overly sweet - thankfully, I was nervous. It was a nice treat; and it'll be great for when I'm craving something out of the ordinary. Our server was new and still learning the ropes, but very friendly and attentive. We'll be back.

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