March 11, 2014

Park on Fremont

Right outside the Fremont Street canopy is Park on Fremont, a gastropub that opened last spring. It is hard to miss with its white picket fence. Once inside it feels like you've tumbled down the rabbit hole. Every inch of the place is dotted with quirky items, it's fun to let your eyes wander and see what they discover. I giggled at the stuffed birds, drooled over the taps on the mantle behind the bar and admired the chevron patterned floors while we waited to be seated. We chose to sit outside in the back outdoor garden.

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It was a weeknight so it was pretty quiet. Our waitress was attentive, though, it seemed she might have been new. She was unfamiliar with several of the draft beers. My Kellerwies made its way to me so no harm done. Drinks are served in mason jars. The selection is wide and varied. We got started with Mac & Cheese Balls ($7).

The description hinted at bacon in the Mac & Cheese, however, there was no evidence of smokey, salty bacon. The balls were rolled in panko and fried crisp. They lacked any pizzazz. The garbage fries were recommended by our server we probably should have tried those.

Sandwiches run $10-$12, we had the Cajun Chicken, BBQ Burger and Philly Mac & Cheese. All were edible, but none really shined. The sweet potato tater tots are good, but the sweetness becomes cloying after a few. It's best to check out Park on Fremont for drinks and maybe a snack. If you're looking for meal, there are better choices to be had.

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