January 2, 2014

What Will 2014 Bring?

We spent New Year's Eve with friends playing games and enjoying cocktails. We barely made it to midnight, we were all pooped. But we stuck it out and watched the strip erupt in fireworks from Centennial Hills. I was eager to move on to 2014, there's much to look forward to! We already have plans to travel to Albuquerque, Louisville, Ecuador and San Francisco in the first part of the year, Frank will also be visiting Chicago in February. We intend to play more in the desert and neighboring states. We'll be attending a wedding in May and we'll be welcoming a new niece or nephew in August. Celebrations of love and life are simply the best! So, I have no doubt 2014 will be filled with adventure.

After travels, food is my greatest passion. I think I'm most excited for that second location of Taco y Taco to open so close to home, but I'm sure the new year will bring other newcomers. Giada's place is probably the most anticipated. Unfortunately, I see the trend of small plates, burgers and pizza to continue. I think we'll see more vegetarian options and menus that accomodate special dietary needs. Furthermore, I think uninspired menus boasting high profit margins will continue to dominate. I would like to see more of what Sage has been doing, local whole foods prepared simply.

This is the year of the renovation, but I think SLS has the best chance at bringing something new. I'm excited to see the outcome of Fremont East's revitalization. Tony's world should come to fruition. Let's see if people flock to it. I'm a bit ashamed to admit I have not yet been to the Container Park. Nor have I eaten at any of the new restaurants (with the exception of Radio City Pizza) east of Las Vegas Blvd. I'll have to change that soon.

I predict a lack of creativity in Entertainment too. Unfortunately, I think movies, tv and music will be more of the same regurgitated crap. Please let me be wrong!

How about you, what do you think the new year will bring?


Jay said...

Happy New Year!

Thank you for posting so much awesome stuff for your fans. We don't comment much, which is bad, but we love your blog.

Hope you have a great 2014!

Kellee said...

Happy New Year! Hope Laughlin is treating you well.