January 30, 2014

A Look at Linq

I have much to share, but for now I'll leave you with a look at Linq. The first phase opened last month. You can now frequent Starbucks, Haute Doggery, Purple Zebra, Chayo Mexicano Restaurant and O'Sheas casino. This open air dining and entertainment district is a great improvement from the old alley that used to host a few event each year. As more places get established and the High Roller Obervation Wheel opens it will really come alive. I'm personally looking forward to the return of Ghiradelli and the opening of the Yard House, which will be the largest of its kind.

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I really like what they've done with O'Sheas. It's clean, fresh and more roomy than the original. Yet, it feels like a traditional Irish Pub. Drink specials and lower limit table games remain, and beer pong has not been forgotten. There is live entertainment indoors and I appreciate the addition of the outdoor patio and bar. It will be great when the mercury begins to rise.

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The Purple Zebra is no ordinary daquiri bar. It's self serve and it has a plethora of vessels for you to choose and fill with daquiris (or candies) to your heart's content. If you'd rather skip the booze, there is an alcohol free slushy selection too, and the other side of the store is dedicated to confections and other sweet treats. Slush samples are encouraged. The Fireball is a crowd pleaser, I was told it goes well with the Peach. If you like Holsteins, you'll probably fancy the Haute Doggery. I believe this is the introduction of gourmet hot dogs on the strip. Starbucks provide yet another convenient location to get your caffeine fix. Chayo brings a mechanical bull to center strip, perhaps a flight from their tequila bar will provide enough courage to give it a go?! Diners have seemed pleasantly surprised by the eats over on Yelp. It might just be an ideal place to get a fun night started.


Jay said...

Very cool. I didn't realize the Linq included gambling. O'Shea's from the Strip...boy do I feel out of touch! Thanks for sharing...looking forward to learning more.

Kellee said...

O'Sheas connect Linq and the Quad. Directly across from Flamingo's north access. So, while on the strip, it doesn't have strip frontage.

Jay said...

Thanks for the clarification. I am definitely out of the loop. I better start reading up again on my favorite city!