January 23, 2014

Best Bite: Sage

[Yelp: Kathleen W]

I've been singing praises for Sage for a while now and it remains my favorite strip restaurant. A friend just moved back from a stint in the Bahamas and we chose Sage to welcome him back. We stuffed ourselves silly on sweetbreads, bison pastrami, NY strip, duck breast, and Iberico pork; It was all fantastic, but it was the gnocchi with braised lamb and black truffles that really stood out. It took me right back to La Taverna di San Guiseppe in Siena, Italy. It was there that Frank changed his mind about mushrooms. After having their gnocchi with porcini and truffles, he's loved mushrooms. To date that meal was simply the best. This gnocchi at Sage was the best I've had since. The pillowy potato dumplings are dressed in rich cream and the pistachios give a nice crunch and a slightly sweet bite, which is perfect against the earthy bold flavor from the truffles and tender braised lamb just makes this the ultimate comfort food. We devoured the plate before I even thought about snapping a photo; the one above seems to be lacking the truffles. The version with black truffles will set you back $41, but it's well worth every cent. Sage's menu is seasonal so it won't be available for long. If you have the chance get it while you can.

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