December 12, 2013

Original Sunrise Cafe

I'm way late with this review. We dined on a Sunday over the summer. It was pretty toasty outside and their A/C went out. We figured we'd be in & out so we didn't mind waiting and decided to stay. They kindly handed out water for those that were waiting.

Finally, we were seated. Our order was quickly taken, but the wait for our food was lengthy. It gave us time to notice the booth beside us had some misbehaved children that were bouncing all over. The boy bounced about so much that he heaved up breakfast. They left the mess and what appeared to be a very small tip. The table sat empty waiting to be cleaned, they got a bus boy over with a stomach that could handle it. He cleaned the table like it was any other mess. And the next couple was immediately seated. I really expected the area to be disinfected with care. I cringed when the unknowing couple sat down. I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time, but it's the first I've witnessed it. So that was a turn off.

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We were starved and sweaty by the time our breakfast arrived. The garden of eden for me and a build your own for him. We prefer omelets with the cheese on the inside, a personal preference, I know so I try not to let it sway my judgement. However, these were underseasoned. Just very bland (and mine wet). They might be eggwhites, but that doesn't mean that shouldn't be flavorful. Breakfast came to $30 plus tip. We failed to find the value.

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