December 26, 2013

Best Intentions!

So, I had every intent to keep a regular posting schedule to share details that have slipped through the cracks throughout the year. But like most things, life gets in the way. Tuesday, the 17th, I took Frank to the airport bright and early, he had a whirlwind overnight trip planned in San Francisco with a friend. I worked and then went to the dentist for a cleaning (I just barely made the appt because I had forgotten all about it until they called to see where I was). The dentist visit was routine and then I was headed home. My plans were to make Mexican eggs for dinner and bake cookies. Life had other plans...

Traffic on I-15 was heavier than my normal commute because I was an hour later than usual. Just as I had worked my way past Russell from the Flamingo ramp, I made it into the left lane, a few moments later I spotted a vehicle approaching my lane. He wasn't backing off so I swerved to the left to avoid being hit. I looked in the rearview mirror and I had two vehicles in the express lane coming up on me quick and the cement barrier dead ahead. So, I swerved to the right. Then, everything is a blur. Worst day behind the wheel ever. It happened in the blink of eye, but felt like slow motion and the radio has never blared so loud. Fun's Carry On was playing.

The good news is that the other driver and I had no apparent injuries. And there is still good in world; three drivers stopped to see if we were ok and two stayed to give voluntary statements. However, the driver that caused me to swerve left the scene so the third vehicle is a phantom driver. Given the circumstances of sliding across three lanes on I-15 during rush hour, it was fortunate that only mine and another car (there's was fairly minor; definitely repairable) were damaged and no immediate injuries were suffered.

I drove my beat up Impala home. Made all the appropriate calls. My knees were tender from being smashed against the steering column, I was shaken up and wished Frank would've been home. I would've taken great comfort from his warm embrace. Yet, I was relieved to be safe and sound in my own bed that night. Even if sleep was non-existent.

The next day I was overwhelmed by the burden of being involved in an accident. It occurred to me that my car was likely going to be totaled. I've taken a liking to no car payment and living nearly debt free. As the day went on my neck tensed and radiated pain into my shoulders, my range of motion ceased to exist and the headache I hoped would go away only intensified. I heeded everyone's advice and went to quick care for xrays just to get checked out. It was the most horrendous experience. Turns out the co-owner is a personal injury attorney. The whole ordeal felt more like I was seeking legal counsel rather than medical treatment. I left utterly disgusted with the world we live in, and refused pain-killers to dull the pain and a referral to a chiropractor. The xrays only revealed degenerative disc disease. No exam was ever done. I've decided to follow up with the orthopedic surgeon that diagnosed Frank with his herniated discs and performed the surgery that made his pain go away in an instant, versus the months of agony and "pain management" he encountered prior to seeing this doctor; he actually took the time for diagnoses rather than simply treating the symptoms. I'll see him on Monday.

Since then I've had the appraiser by to look at my car and it is indeed a total loss. I still need to work out those details with my adjuster, but I'm hopeful the process will go quickly. That means today after work Frank and I are going car shopping. Hopefully, it won't be too much of a hassle.

Yeah, so who drives a totaled car home? This girl.

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Be careful out there! Dry roads in the best conditions can feel like ice when something goes wrong. Even with the best intentions, accidents can and do happen.


Andie said...

I am just glad to hear that you are OK!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I'm so sorry for your bad luck Kellee BUT SO GLAD that you're okay. Take care and definitely seek out more medical attention. I was in an accident many years ago - seemed okay and then about a month later - oh oh - my neck starting really bugging me SO you never know. All the best - I'll keep you in my thoughts - take care - Canadian Guy EH....