July 19, 2013

Soyo Korean Barstaurant

I like all kinds of food, but I'm not terribly familiar with Korean eats. So, I made an effort to change that by trying Soyo. It's a Korean Barstaurant on the southwest part of town. The have patio dining and booths and communal seating within the restaurant. Variety of soju and beers, and a large menu. It's a bit overwhelming for first timers, but we managed A-OK.

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We were started with banchan. Some dishes were better than others, it was fun to mix and match the snacks before digging into dinner. The complimentary barley tea was refreshing, I've never had anything quite like it.

We had the stone pot of bulgogi ($12), the spicy pork ribs ($13), Fire Chicken ($10) and potato pancake ($9). For the most part all were fine, though, the pancake was the weakest link, it was very bland. But those spicy pork ribs really shined. They were an outstanding combination of sweet and spicy, and they are, oh, so tender. A couple orders of those I would have been on cloud nine. No fuss just the really good stuff!

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