July 24, 2013

Beach Hut Deli

Deli Sandwiches and great beer. It sounds like Beach Hut Deli from California is a match made in heaven. I should love this place, but I struck out. Again, and again, first it closes way too early. So, it took a few attempts to try them when open. Then, finally, the stars aligned. The number of sandwich choices is a bit overwhelming. Most reviews raved over the cream cheese on the sandwiches since I don't dig cream cheese I was left uncertain on what to order.

We asked for recommendations and settled on the turkey, avocado, bacon and provolone ($7.50 sm) and the pulled pork splashed with Tabasco BBQ sauce, cheddar and pineapple ($10.50). They have Kona on tap which is a huge win! We ordered two beers ($7.90 each). Rather than the cashier informing us it was happy hour, I happened to catch the sign in just the nick of time. He corrected the order, and we got 2-for-1 beers. Yeah!

While we waited for our sandwich we admired the atmosphere and enjoyed our beers. We love the laid back beach atmosphere. Our sandwiches were brought over on Frisbees - love it. We dug into our sandwiches - didn't love it.

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The bread was thick, dense and while sturdy it wasn't too tasty. They lay it on thick so these are sandwiches for hearty appetites. However, the blend of fillings didn't thrill us. The turkey tasted purely like mustard, the avocado would shoot out the side every time I took a bite. It was difficult to eat about 1/2 way thru I gave up. The pork was ok, but it was ruined by the tabasco BBQ sauce. There was so much of it there was no way to escape it. It completely overpowered any taste of cheddar or pineapple.

Perhaps we chose poorly, but these sandwiches came highly recommended. I'm not sure that I'd return to try others. It's a real shame because the beer options are fantastic. It'd be better if this was primarily a bar.

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FleaStiff said...

The firm has had good growth and many franchisees have lined up seeking their own places. Ofcourse profit margins are high in sandwich shops. In Vegas, I'd have expected Video Poker machines to be at the beach as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "heads up" Kellee - there is nothing worst than not being told about "Happy Hour" specials and being ripped off if you don't catch it - I wouldn't go back just because of that :( Canadian Guy EH....

FleaStiff said...

Usually a waitress will give you a special price even if you are a bit early or a bit late for the official discount. Everyone hates it when restaurants try to gouge them though.

Some places seem to gain fame for padding the credit card bills with unordered items. I met one bartender who was doing it every night.

Kellee said...

Yes, it is important to always check receipts. I've had experiences with extras added and drinks at regular price rather than happy hour specials.

I'm sure charges go unnoticed often, though.