July 17, 2013

Bar 702

I had never heard of the Sand Dollar or Bikini Bar. Frank and I came upon Bar 702 by accident turning around to head back to I-15. Bar Rescue happened to be there at the time. I made a mental note of it. Two weeks ago, the episode premiered and we've been hooked on the show since. I particularly enjoy following up on the bars with reviews on Yelp.

If you aren't familiar with Bar Rescue, it's on Spike TV and the host is John Taffer. He helps breathe new life into bars on their death bed by pointing out weaknesses like management flaws, lazy staff, underperformance and/or general disregard for cleanliness. They've had some real winners on the show. Note the sarcasm.

Initially, I didn't want to check out Bar 702 because the co-owner doctor came off so vile I didn't want to give him any of my hard earned dollars, but curiosity got the better of me and we checked it out last Friday night. Frank, my brother and I got there about 10:30, there was a $5 cover.

We figured we were in deep, now, so we bellied up to the bar. My brother tried one of the beer look alike cocktails created on the show with Crown and Caramel bitters. It was pretty terrible. Then again, I'm pretty loyal to beer so what do I know? I was happy as a clam with Ballast Point Pale Ale for $5.25. They had a good list of microbrews, Frank had some squirrel beer that was mighty tasty.

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Strange Mistress took the stage. We really enjoyed the show. After ten years in Vegas, I've been in and out of dive bars, but never any with live music like this. The sound system was impressive. We stayed for Meade Ave. Played some video poker between bands and Frank managed to win some coin hitting a couple 4OAKs. The staff wasn't too friendly, but they kept beers coming. They were cold and reasonably priced. That's all I really ask.

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