July 22, 2013

Nacho Daddy

Nachos are a weakness so I was really excited to try Nacho Daddy. We had a coupon for a free nacho skillet so we used that to get us started with Thai Chicken Nachos ($8.95). Chicken, Veggies, sweet chili sauce, queso with peanuts and sesame seeds are piled high on tortilla chips. It's kind of hard to eat without having the tower of nachos topple over and fall onto the table. I wished the skillet was oversized to accommodate fallen chips. The menu advertises these to be spicy hot. They weren't not. There was a mild sweet heat, but definitely not spicy nor hot. That was disappointing.

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Moving onto entrees, our party of three tried the carne asada big daddy burrito ($13.95), fajita cheesesteak sandwich ($10.95) and street tacos ($2.95 ea). All was edible, though, none was notable. We felt each dish was overpriced for quality of what was presented.

Add beers ($8-$10) to wash it all down and we accumulated a hefty tab in no time. Service was sparse and brash. I'd return for the nachos; happy hour seems most appealing.

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