May 23, 2013

Texas de Brazil

I've eaten at two Brazilian steakhouses on the strip and was terribly disappointed; I was skeptical of Texas de Brazil, but after so many praises our friend finally convinced us to give this churrascaria a try. I'm not often a fan of chains, but Texas de Brazil won us over.

The salad bar is a meal in itself. I love the Italian meats and cheeses. The couscous was excellent and a nice palatte cleanser. The asparagus provides a healthy dose of greens. Everything looked fresh and appetizing. I'll have to sample more items next visit.

At the table, the sides of mashed potatoes, fried bananas and cheesy bread bites are tasty as well. They help dull the saltiness once the meat parade begins.

We wasted no time and let the feast get underway. Since it was our first visit we sampled a bite of every offering. Once we found our favorites; we stuffed ourselves silly on lamb chops, leg of lamb, parmesan crusted pork loin and medium rare filet. All were the perfect temperature, well seasoned and tender.

If only I could travel with a second stomach! Instead, we had to call it quits before the meat sweats left us comatose. We are such gluttons, we chose the chocolate layer and carrot cake for dessert. Both were large portions easily shared; moist and delicious, but the chocolate layer cake was the better dessert. The dark chocolate layer is so decadent and it's the perfectly sweet end to the meatacular evening.

Dress in your fat pants and bask in gloriousness of being a carnivore.

Sorry, no photos of this dinner. I was too preoccupied with the meatfest.

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