May 29, 2013

Flaming Fajitas

A few months ago, Flaming Fajitas was only a month old, we stopped in for dinner while my sister and nephew were visiting. The five of us were eager to try the newest restaurant in the neighborhood. You'd think Las Vegas of all places would have great Mexican, and while it does have a couple gems, it really has a poor showing overall. However, Flaming Fajitas has brought some heat to the scene. I mean that quite literally.

I love spice. And Flaming Fajitas delivers. I love the plate of grilled onions and jalapenos that gets you started and the salsa is quite tasty. This is often the weak link when I dine out, but it fresh, bold and well balanced. The staff aims to please and they were more than willing to accomodate special requests made by our group. We were started with delicious fideo soup. Then, a short bit later, hot plates piled high with food swirled around us. I ordered the tacos al pastor. However, what was presented before me was not tacos al pastor. I don't know if the kitchen made an error or if they prepare them differently but these had no lingering flavor from chilies, nor a hint of pineapple. Whatever it was, it was decent, but fajitas is the name on the building and it's what you should get here.

My brother went with their signature Chicken Fajitas and there is quite the presentation; far more showy than any fajitas I've seen before. Usually you can hear them sizzling, but these are actually set on fire tableside.

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The fajitas are excellent. So much so, I took Frank the following night we shared the steak and chicken fajitas for two. The chicken is far better than the steak. I noticed they also offer pork. I will try that next visit. I also prefer the corn to the flour tortillas. They have a great and reasonably priced beer selection to quench your thirst and come for happy hour to enjoy great specials.

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