May 8, 2013

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs

A few years back I discovered Dogzilla an Orange County food truck. They dress dogs with amazing Asian flavors. When I caught wind of Buldogis I thought this might deliver like Dogzilla did. Frank and I had it for dinner later that night. We were so excited, seeing the Best of Las Vegas 2013 banner outside made us feel like we were in for a treat!

The gentleman behind the counter was helpful and offered suggestions. I knew I wanted the Angry Dog ($5.95) so there was no question there. For the other we were leaning toward the Bahn Mi Dog, but we were swayed to try the Carne Asada Dog ($6.95) and we went with the Euro fries ($5.95) since they came so highly recommended.

After drinks and tax we had ourselves a $25 meal. Pricey for two dogs and fries, but if they're good they'll be worth it.

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Sadly, they were just ok. The hot dog itself was the weakest link. These were salty and lacked any of the all beef flavor I love in my all beef Chicago dogs. The toppings however good couldn't save the dog. The bun was a bit stale and too big. I like a good meat to bun ratio and this didn't deliver. I didn't prefer one dog over the other. Any difference in flavor was cloaked by saltiness.

The fries were an odd mix. We consumed them, but I have no idea what we ate. When they were recommended I expected gyro fries, not Euro fries. I recognized that it was topped with cheese, but beyond that I have no clue what the concoction was.

If I want the goodness of Dogzilla, I guess it means I have leave the comforts of westside Las Vegas and haul my ass to the OC and track them down.

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