April 5, 2013

The Cooking Experience Mise En Place

As a treat for my birthday I signed up for a Flash Course: Stir Fry cooking class. The Cooking Experience Mise En Place recently opened and it located on Eastern just south of the 215. So, it's easy to get to from most of the valley. The class allows a maximum of eight, but only six were attendence in my class. The small class size is appreciated. It allows more time for hands on cooking and one and one questions, etc. We learned about the products we were using, knife skills and a few tips. Plus, everything you need to know about wok cooking. The kitchen is fully professional grade. It was neat to feel like a contestant on Top Chef.

I am a novice and came away with the confidence to cook with a wok at home. I'll be making the purchase soon. We made two recipes: Ginger Pork and Mongolian Beef. I preferred the former, it was light and had a nice blend of flavors.

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I tend to find Mongolian Beef salty, my version was no different. If making it at home I'd sub reduced sodium soy sauce. Portions were large I had plenty of leftovers. While we ate our second course, the chefs made sweet and sour shrimp. We were able to taste that as well. It's not a dish I enjoy, but it was well executed. By the way, there is water and iced tea to wash down the tasty eats and we had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany the Mongolian Beef. It was fun, yummy and educational. I'll return with friends for another class.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kellee - finally booked another Vegas trip for this August - will definitely be trying Grimaldi's Pizza you just reviewed. Take care - CanadianGuy EH :)

Kellee said...

Thank you! Yay! I bet you're counting down the days.