April 25, 2013

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli

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My brother and I have been branching out to find new lunch options. Heidi's Brooklyn Deli has been a pleasant surprise. I'm hooked on the Cajun turkey with avocado. I've had it on sourdough and marble rye, but I prefer the latter. The sourdough was too dense and dry. When I saw Cajun Turkey on the menu I expected seasoned turkey breast, but it is only roasted. The Cajun comes from the mayo spread. It has a nice kick and combined with the cool creamy mashed avocado it's the perfect match. Crisp lettuce, sliced purple onion and tomato makes it complete. The lunch special is $5 for half a sandwich with a pickle, chips, potato or macaroni salad and a cookie. However, I prefer the full sandwich with pickle, chips, potato or macaroni salad for a buck more. My brother has taken a liking to the chicken salad. One of these days, I'll have to try something else on the menu, but until then I'll happily enjoy the Cajun Turkey.

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