April 30, 2013

Radio City Pizza

Fremont East has a number of new eateries open recently. Le Thai, Comida and Park on Fremont are at the top of my list. Radio City Pizza had also piqued my interest so we grabbed dinner with friends Sunday night. When we walked inside, the bartender mentioned the A/C was broken, but we were welcome to take a seat. We asked if the beer was cold? "Yes" the bartender replied. That's all we needed to know. We figured we'd be in and out fairly quickly so the heat wouldn't be a bother.

We were the only table seated, but service was slow from the start. It's a fairly long and narrow space with a long bar, open kitchen and tvs line the dining area. Oddly enough for a brand spanking new place the color isn't accurately adjusted on a single one. Anyhow, the beer selection is good. Unfortunately, the beers weren't nearly as cold as advertised and they quickly heated as a result of no A/C. After our first beer we chugged water to keep cool.

We started with parmesan fries, we devoured them before I thought to take a picture. They were real good, nice and crisp with a heavy dose of parmesan. We had to ask for the ranch we ordered on the side a few times before we received it. Next, we ordered the Meat Stromboli and Pizza with sausage, mushrooms, olives and green pepper. We waited forever for our order. There was filming taking place over by LVCS and the crew came in for a dozen pizzas. This must have backed up the kitchen. Our waiter never mentioned a thing, it's just our assumption based on observation. While waiting a couple in our group went to use the restroom, when they returned they noticed that Radio City has outside dining in back. We were a bit perturbed that it wasn't offered to us as an option when they mentioned the A/C was done. We questioned our waiter and we were told that it was an owners private function.

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Back to the food, the stromboli and pizza looked appetizing. I was happy to see they use slices of italian sausage rather than sausage crumbles. The crumbles remind me of cafeteria food and weird me out a bit. I'll never understand why some places prefer it that way, but I digress. The crust was chewy and crisp about 3/4 through the pizza. It suffered the wet center that majority of NY Style pies do. Both the stromboli and pizza were extremely high in sodium. I couldn't get enough to drink. I retained enough water I could've soaked up Lake Mead. I've had worse pies, but just down the street at Pop Up Pizza inside Plaza they're doing a better job at a cheaper price. And they have A/C. Our friends picked up the tab, so I'm not sure what the final damage was, but if I recall accurately pizzas are $19, Stromboli is about ten bucks and the fries were $7. In any case, Radio City has some work to do. Starting with its customer service.

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