August 20, 2012

Naked City Pizza Shop

A total dive, but I like dives. I had a certificate for nearly a year. I kept forgetting about the place. A friend seen it on DDD and went for pizza. He didn't like it, but it served as a good reminder for me to check it out.

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Our waiter recommended the buffalo chicken dip, it sounded delicious so they got started on that right away. It was freakin' fantastic. Loved it!

Frank had the chicken parmesan sub which was good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I had the Royal which was named a best bite by LV Weekly 2010 and a 10 Best Sandwich in 2012. A sub with Italian sausage, cappicola, mozzarella. It was way TOO salty. Seriously, salty. The cappicola was the culprit. Once I peeled that away it was an OK eat. Not the best of anything... but that chicken dip; I'd return for that alone.

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