August 22, 2012

Looking back...

While Frank was staying in Chicago at his parents' house he came across old letters I had written. Yeah, letters. Before email and texts, we wrote letters. Remember that?

Well Frank brought a few home. We'll read them periodically it'll be fun to look back. This one he read to me over the phone. It was perfect. I loved Vegas before I even seen it. I have that same excitement today. Probably more. It's our home.

This was a letter I wrote 15 years ago, before my first trip to Vegas in October, 1997.


Hey there, Sexy! I'm so bored. I have work to do I just don't feel like doing it. I'm going crazy! Actually anticipation is making me crazy. It's like I don't have any thoughts besides Vegas and being with you floating around in my head. I can't wait it's about one month and one week away. Hun, I'm going to see mountains and desert. Feel weather with no humidity. See how Vegas is larger than life with bright lights, huge hotel casinos, escalators in the streets. Hear the sound of slot machines and all the gamblers. Taste those $3.99 buffets. Ride the indoor roller coaster and water ride. Can't forget about laser tag or the arcades. I'll see what a real arcade looks like. Go to the Stratosphere, Circus Circus, see the Pirate Show at Treasure Island. See the dolphins at Mirage.

Oh honey, I get to stay out late. I won't be a pain in the ass and need to go home. I'll go to sleep with you, wake up with you. So much to see and do. I'll even see the Vegas McDonalds. Can't forget about the Luxor or Mabel's Whorehouse "Where the customer comes first" Ha Ha! Once again I'm doing my firsts with you. You know what Frank? There's not another person I'd rather do them with! I love you so much. I'm so happy we are going to Vegas. Nothing else matters!

I really don't want to work today cause I've gotta work Friday too. But I like it when I get paid. I'll just keep thinking... work... need money... go to Vegas! Like something Homer Simpson would say. Ok, so my excitement and boredom might have shown quite a bit through this letter. I <3 you Frank.

All my love,



Jay said...

That is super sweet. You guys obviously are made for each other. Not everyone finds that 'one' congratulations.

KathyinNY said...

Oh that was so sweet