Plaza: Take 2

November 2, 2011
You might remember me sharing my experience with Plaza's grand opening and my mention that my first impression was lipstick on a pig. Well, impressions have not changed. I never detailed the troubles my mom experienced during her stay, but it was a comedy of errors. My mom and Mike failed to find the humor, however. I don't blame them. They were shuffled around til the wee hours of the morning.

The first room, the one I saw, was actually occupied by other guests. They moved my mom to another room. There were no lights in the bathroom or sink area. The windows had film making it extremely dark. Front desk said someone would be right up. An hour later, it's midnight, btw, someone from maintenance shows and he says it's going to take him a while. She calls the front desk, it rings, rings and rings. No answer. He tries. No answer. He calls the operator, they were able to track down assistance. They give her a third room. She makes them meet her with keys rather than making the trek to the front desk again. It's well into the early morning she demands late check out for the inconveniences. After some probing, they agree. 2 o'clock late check out.

The third room is non-smoking, they tell her never mind it (as a non-smoker, I hate this) and they'll send housekeeping up with an ashtray. She waits and waits. She leaves and figures they can leave it in the room.

She playing slots in the casino early morning a man befriends her, interested in her play and wins. He roots her on, hooting and hollering. Then, asks for $5, cig and money again. Each time getting in her face. She's uncomfortable but no one is around, not security a waitress. No one. Finally, she cashed out and went directly to the cashier. She complained about the man and requested an escort to her room. Security showed and led her up without issue.

No ashtray in the room upon her return. She crashes as the sun comes up. Noon, housekeeping is pounding on the door. Check out was at 11:00.

She's disgusted, I don't blame her. I told her to ask for the hotel/operations manager. She did, she asked to have her stay refunded and for a $50 comp to Hash House A Go Go to compensate for the troubles. It was given to her.

You'd think that'd be the end of it, but it wasn't. They later charged her credit card for the stay. The credited her, and charged it again. They made a mess of her bill. After more complaint calls it was finally resolved and she was giving two free nights to come back and give them another try.

She cashed those two free nights in over the Halloween weekend. The first room they were given was dirty. Again! They offered a junior suite, but it was non-smoking. She wanted smoking. Rather than chancing another ordeal. She told them to send maid service up to clean the room. Of course, even that didn't go smoothly. In short, she ended up asking for another $50 Hash House A Go Go comp for the troubles. They honored her request again.

Saturday, I met her and Mike at the Plaza for lunch at HHAGG. The rooms now have soap and bed skirts. The hotel room window was clean. The pool was open. The ice machine on the 21st floor was not in order. Mike did find ice on the 24th floor. We walked from the room thru the casino to the restaurant. I had an asthma attack in the process. It seems they're now using that "air freshener" that some others use that stinks to high heavens. If they keep that up, I won't be able to step foot inside, just like at TI. After lunch, I walked back using the third floor access. The bingo hall has been updated and Exposed Salon is open for business... Skimpy outfits those hairdressers wear. I suppose that is the point.

Mom's forgiveness stay didn't sway her to return to the Plaza. In fact, even her HHAGG experience was an ordeal, but I'll get to that in a minute. She's going to use her next free stay (marketing offer) at Vegas Club. She's going to give them another shot over there, if they still can't provide her a stress-free stay. She'll cash in her points and stay & play elsewhere.

At HHAGG, Mike and I both got hash; corned beef for him and chorizo for me. They were good, better than usual, really, typically I hate their potatoes. These were flavorful and crisp. Mom got her usual, the pork tenderloin Benedict. The first few bites were fine, but as she sliced into the thicker part of the tenderloin it was raw. They offered to bring her something else, but she had lost her appetite. She asked if she could come back on Sunday (since she was staying the night) and have breakfast instead. The manager came over, apologized and offered that to her. She was sick overnight and into the morning. Still feeling queasy, she asked HHAGG to extend the offer until another visit. They were reluctant to do so. It took much convincing, but in the end they extended the replacement meal.

This has really snow balled into a nightmare. It really makes me long for the Plaza of yesteryear when Jackie ran the show.


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