December 24, 2009

San Diego - Whale Cruise

December thru March, whales migrate south to bays near Baja, Mexico to mate and nurse their young. There is a deep ocean trench about 9 miles from Point Loma, whales tend to favor it.

There are a number of cruises offered in San Diego Bay. We went out with Hornblower Cruises. It was a 3.5 hour tour, there are two departures daily. We were on the 9:30 tour. Price per adult is $32 weekdays and $37 weekends.

Before we boarded we watched a couple men prepare to do some maintanence on the Carnival cruise ship. It was massive!!

We're boarded and set for the sea.

So long, San Diego...

Shelter Island...

and Point Loma.

Entering the Pacific - welcome to rough seas. It was a choppy day, many passengers suffered from sea sickness.

Birds frolicking in the Pacific.

We saw a number of military choppers overhead.

Next, we spotted dolphins. They loved to swim beside the boat.

Dolphins playing in the ocean.

Then, we spotted swells. The first sign a whale is nearby.

After toying with us, he surfaced. He was an 85 foot Fin Whale.

He was a bit camera shy.

More dolphins played about.

Sailing the Pacific

Another sailboat was headed into the bay.

Bird Bath, the choppers get a bath after every flight to rinse away saltwater.

Coronado Bridge

Heading back, downtown San Diego.

We had a great time on the cruise. It was extraordinary to see a whale and dolphins absolutely free. It's not something I ever witnessed before. It was pretty amazing.

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