December 21, 2009

Not much better

Can you believe I am still sick?

Tomorrow will be two weeks. I'm so sore and exhausted. My coughing fits have improved, but sadly my cough still lingers.

I'm just so thankful that I have not lost my sense of taste. That would be pure torture. We ate lots of great food while Bob was here.

Amore, Fat Greek, Siena Deli, Firefly and Fiamma. Plus, we tried Raku, a japanese restaurant and Fleur De Lys at Mandalay Bay. It was our most expensive meal ever.

Plus, more great eats in San Diego.

More details to come. I have so many photos to share, I haven't even downloaded any off my camera. That's so unlike me.

In the meantime, check out details of our meal at Aureole over at Living-Las-Vegas, Vegas Values: Aureole.

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