December 3, 2009

Oh, how I've missed the hot tub!

This summer we experienced troubles with algae in the pool. Even when the cooler weather rolled in the algae remained. We attempted to treat the water with non-foaming algaecide. Yeah, that didn't work. That was back in October. It foamed over a month. We weren't able to use the hot tub. It sucked.

We were left with no choice but to drain the pool. It needed it this winter, anyway, this just gave us the push to get it done. We ordered new filters, vacuum hoses, and leaf baskets. Then, we rented a pump from Home Depot, best $40 spent!

Frank spent his 30th birthday draining the last of the water in the pool and then powerwashing it to remove hardwater stains and calcium build up. Let the good times roll! Birthdays just aren't what they were when we were young.

I did surprise him with Mad Hatter Red Velvet Cupcakes - his favorite - and tickets to Metallica. They're playing at Mandalay Bay this Saturday. It's been almost a decade since we last saw them perform. He's excited. I was relieved it remained a surprise, because I bought these tickets in April. I worried somehow it'd come up and I'd have to spill the beans.

Before the show, we'll have dinner at Aureole. It's been on our must-dine list for years. It'll be great to finally check it out.

Back to the pool, he started filling it Tuesday late afternoon, by Wednesday morning it was full. Last night we were able to use the hot tub. We missed it so! There's just nothing like kicking back under the moonlit sky, with a beer and cigar feeling the jets swirl warm water all around you.

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Hot Tubs, Saunas, Steam Rooms said...

A great way to not only avoid the growth of algae, but also to eliminate the need for harsh chemical sanitizers like chlorine and bromine is to use a metallic ionizer.

Our ionizer in particular employs copper, silver and zinc. The copper stops the algae from growing, while the silver and zinc take the place of sanitizing the water.

Either way, so glad you have your pool back! Enjoy!