December 23, 2009

Happy Festivus!

I've been saying this year has flown all year, now, here we are one week away from the end of 2009. It has seriously flown by.

It felt like Thanksgiving was days ago, but tomorrow is Christmas eve. Unreal.

I'm sure some of you are traveling for the holiday, others are hosting, and many are mad-dashing to get everything done in time.

This year I did not procrastinate. My shopping was done early. Christmas cards were sent the first week of December. Christmas gifts were shipped last week. I've already exchanged gifts with my mom. She left for Chicago last Sunday. She'll be spending the holidays with our family back there. She won't return until Jan 12.

Her trip left Frank and I without plans. He's been on vacation since the 19th, he doesn't return to work until the 30th. I only wish I had time off. We could've gone to Mexico. Instead, we're hoping for a trip in February. But big changes are ahead for Frank so we might have to put the trip off despite having the funds. We should know more in the next couple weeks.

Christmas will be just the two of us. Tomorrow, we are checking into the Signature. We'll lounge about and enjoy each other's company. Dinner is planned for Nobhill. It's been a while since we've been there. It ought to be a great meal. I know it will be a great stay, I love the Signature.

It's going to be an awfully long day at work tomorrow. I'll be so anxious. With any luck they'll cut us loose early.

I plan to get San Diego details posted that should help pass the time.

Happy Holidays!


Dave P. said...

Merry Christmas, Kellee! Hope it is a nice one for you and your family.

Kellee said...

Thanks Dave, enjoy your holidays!