December 9, 2009

More cold

It's another chilly day in Vegasland. It's only been cold a few days and I'm already missing summer. It's going to be a long two month wait for warmer temperatures.

These 30/40's have got to go. Looking at the extended forecast it looks like the 50's will roll in this weekend. More rain is expected. I don't like the rain, but it mine as well be gold. It means work stays busy and our guys keep working. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain... I'll suffer for the greater good.

I thought we might see snow at the house from the storm that blew in on Monday, but it stayed warm enough - we didn't see any. The mountains got a nice dusting, though. That's the way I like my snow, in the mountains, rather than out my door. I hope it stays up there so I can have my first year in Las Vegas without snow. Below are a few photos I took yesterday.

In this next photo you can see the Cloud Nine Balloon in the sky to the right. It's the world's largest helium ballon. It soars 500ft above the strip. At $27.50/per adult the price seems a bit steep, but coupons for a few bucks off are floating around. Even still I won't think about trying it until we see much warmer weather. People are riding it, though, I see it hovering most days when I leave work. Sunset seems to be a popular time to ride.

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