November 13, 2008

Plan C

All my hopes didn’t pan out. We are not going to Mexico. We can’t afford it, if we went we’d just add to the pile of debt we’ve accrued this year. We tossed around the idea of going to San Diego, instead. But the trip would cost only a few hundred dollars less than Mexico. At that rate we mine as well go to Mexico. Rather than acting on our impulses, we acted responsibly and completely nixed traveling.

Our last thought was to getaway in our own backyard. Finally, we have a winning idea. We’ll stay at the Signature for two nights, found a site that offers suites for $89/night; we’ll relax, order room service and enjoy a couple great meals by taking advantage of fall tasting menus. I’m interested in trying Fiamma and giving Craftsteak another try.

I’ll only need two days off for this excursion; that left three vacation days remaining. I opted to take those, the days leading up to Thanksgiving. That will allow me to stay home for a full week. I’ll be able to finish up some home projects, likely get started on others, bake and still set aside time to unwind. Frank plans to take Thanksgiving weekend off, as well. It’s been a few years since we’ve spent the holiday together. That will be nice. However, I’m not sure what our plans entail. I offered to host dinner, but my mom injured her back a few weeks ago. She hasn’t been able drive or handle a long car ride. So, we’ll play it by ear; hopefully she’ll be well enough to make the drive by then.

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