November 14, 2008

Big Spender

Last night, Frank and I were relaxing in the hot tub, basking in the moonlight, cigar and beer in hand. He questioned what I had in mind for our week off. He surprised me; he'll be off the whole week of Thanksgiving with me, instead of just the weekend. I told him I planned to finish painting, he interrupted with a big OR we could head to Mesquite or Laughlin for a couple days. I grinned and said I'd rather go to Laughlin. There's more to do, I like the river, the outlet mall, and we haven't been there since we moved (from there). We didn't have the same fun living there as we did on our quick touristy jaunts. So, I'm looking forward to revisiting those days - the ones filled with cheap blackjack and craps, penny slots, full-pay video poker and many free-flowing cocktails.

I checked rates this morning. I booked the Colorado Belle. Yeah, it's old, dingy, and smells a little funny, but we like it. Or should I say, we liked it, we haven't stayed there since Marnell took it over from MGM/Mirage. I doubt it's changed much. Can you guess how much our lovely two night stay will be? Give up? Nine dollars a night! Grand total with tax was $20.22. Yep, we’re big spenders.

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