November 17, 2008


Frank took my car to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed. They changed the oil and then crashed it into the wall. The attendant wasn't paying attention, he left it in reverse and hopped out. It rolled back until the wall stopped it. Nice, huh? Frank worked out the details and had them sign an agreement that they'd pay for all repairs and a rental car. Then, they had the nerve to want to charge for the oil change. Unreal. Frank took my car to a collision repair shop, they said it'll likely take two weeks to make the repairs. He walked over to Enterprise from there, they gave him a Dodge Nitro. Here's hoping they do a good job fixing my car.

For whatever reason I cannot have a car free of accidents. This is my fifth incident. Not once was I at fault. Two occasions the other driver had no insurance, so I was left to live with the damage or foot the bill. I lived with the damage. I refuse to be screwed again. This better be resolved and hassle free.

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