October 4, 2017

Love What Matters

I've never been prouder of my city than I was on Monday. Everyone found a way to pitch in whether it be by a small or grand gesture. It was truly remarkable. Donations for blood, goods and services where not only met, but exceeded far beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Love was all around and kindness spread like wildfire. It warmed the (broken) hearts of our community.

Even when stuck in traffic during the morning commute due to I-15's Tropicana exit being closed in both directions, drivers were calm and allowed others to merge freely. As much as I love Las Vegas, I typically cannot praise our habits on valley roads. However, on Monday, kindness was also felt on our roadways.

Local efforts continued yesterday, though, it felt more "business as usual". Life does go on, so that return to normalcy is not only what many crave, but it's a natural continuum. I still felt a great deal of pride in regards to our community, but it was difficult not to be tainted by national media or social media. The sensationalism and circus made me sick. I understand that we all seek answers. They will come in time. Admittedly, I'm a huge skeptic. I question everything, probably to a fault. But. Goodness people! Have some decency and patience. There will be infinite amount of time to criticize, point fingers and push agenda. For now, Can't we just take a moment?!

I wish the media would focus on the beauty of humanity. Showcase the heroics that were displayed after this tragedy unfolded without being clouded by ugliness and judgment. I know, I know, I'm dreaming. But if you'd prefer to find the light in this dark time, turn to Love What Matters on Facebook. These are the real stories. The ones that need to be heard.

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