June 19, 2017

Sunbasket: Steak Fajitas Lettuce Wraps

There are some aspects of adulting that I loathe. So, I'm always looking for ways to simplify things I don't like doing leaving time for more of what I love. Cue, Sunbasket! It is a weekly meal kit subscription, there are so many out there now, but this one has organic ingredients and a paleo meal option. A combination that is definitely more rare. I'm not on a Paleo diet, because, um, carbs, I love them. Cheese is likely my next favorite food after bread. It's just not realistic. However, I don't mind reducing carbs and sugar. It's definitely something I look for when cooking at home since Frank is diabetic and all.

Sunbasket doesn't require you to stick to any particular meal plan. I enjoy that freedom. I'm mindful of carbs and sugars when selection my menus for the week, but even some of the pasta dishes use a healthy dose of veggies so it helps balance things out. My biggest complaint would be the meals were rather steep on the calorie counts, though, that's to be expected when the meals are protein heavy. They have recently rolled out a lean plan for those counting calories. I've not yet tried any of these new menu items.

As much as I love Sunbasket it's not practical right now in Las Vegas. It's simply too hot! The kits are shipped overnight in an insulated box with an ice pack, but most often I'm not home for my delivery. When it's 100+ it's just not ideal for perishable items to be driven around all day and/or left on the porch. It did work beautifully all spring, though. I fully intend to pick it back up once the temperatures decline.

Eating food is a passion, but shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning is a chore. Sunbasket simplifies those duties. All of the items needed to prepare the meal are shipped to your door. Only exception are pantry staples like oil, salt and pepper. I love this, because more often than I like to admit, I forget one key ingredient when grocery shopping. Often, I end up not making the dish and other items spoil before going to the store.

The need for grocery shopping is not completely eliminated, but I could easily skip a week or reduce my time shopping on a weekly basis. Often the prep work is done for you - those are heaven sent. Salads and the like have more chopping and if your knife skills aren't developed it can take far longer than the recipes suggest. Most recipes require minimal dishes and short cooking time. Many are prepared on the stove top. You can read a full description when choosing your menus for the week. Which is helpful, if you're wanting to avoid turning on the oven, etc. Each week there a new menu is posted with nearly a dozen options. You choose as many as three or as little as two meals each week portioned for two or four depending if you select the classic or family menu. If you're having a dinner party you can order one choice for a party of 4 or 6. All the packaging is recyclable too.

The vegetables are fresh and the meats are pretty good quality. I wasn't personally a fan of the shrimp and I've found the sole portions to be small. Aside from those seafoods, I haven't had any complaints. The pork dishes have been a favorite. We also really enjoy recipes that call for lemongrass.

You can get $35 off your first delivery using my referral link https://sunbasket.com/3free/Kellee560998. You can cancel or skip meals at your convenience. It does require you to log in at least monthly to create your schedule or shipments will auto-fill.

The photos below will give you an idea of how the shipments arrive and the contents. The very first meal I prepared was Steak Fajitas Lettuce Wraps. It was easy to follow the instructions. The meal came together in a jiffy and the portions were good sized. It satisfied our hunger with no need for sides or extras. Great flavor to boot. It was a great first impression.


KathyinNY said...

Thanks for the tip. We have many varieties out here in NY but I am on a high protein diet via my doctor to lose weight. I have lost 18 lbs. in 3 months which I don't think is too bad. I need to get more vegetables and such but like you said sometimes I don't have all the ingredients and then stuff spoils.

Kellee said...

Way to go on the loss! That's great progress.