April 20, 2017

Rolled Ice Cream

Hailing from Thailand, rolled ice cream is one of the latest trends that's made its way to the USA. Of course, it didn't take long to surface in Las Vegas. Friends that have traveled to Thailand have spoke of its creamy goodness. When I got word that Rolled Ice Cream had opened my curiosity was piqued. Frank and I took the drive to the west side (Flamingo near 215) to check it out on a Sunday afternoon. We were met with a line nearly out the door. We joined the queue and hoped it would move quickly. It did not. About 10 minutes later, Frank was ready to bail. "We've come all this way and waited this long," I pleaded. He was reluctant, but we waited it out. It was more than a half hour, door to window. This is not a place to grab and go. It is a commitment.

Finally, we were up. Fresh cream (there is a non-dairy option) and mix-ins (those with nut allergies or seeking gluten-free beware) of choice are combined on a frost top. The mixture is spread thin so it freezes fast and then it's scraped into multiple rolls that are placed in a cup and then topped with additional goodies. I'm a believer that simple is usually best so I opted for the small nutella and cream. My personal creation was whipped up rolled rather quickly. It's the selections with cookies, cereal and other crunchies that consume time - all that chopping. Not a place to be holed up with a headache, but I digress. Frank chose a small green tea with Oreo. Not only was the wait lengthy, but it's also pricey: $4.99 for a small, and $5.99 for a large. Fortunately, it is tasty. The cream melts as soon as it passes your lips. That fresh cream lets other flavors shine. So, if you're patient and don't mind the cost it's worth a visit. However, I don't see myself becoming a regular.

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