March 17, 2017

Bring the Heat!

I loathe winter. The only thing that's worse is day light savings time. I hate that I get robbed an hour of daylight. So much so that I refuse to change my alarm clock. And, I may have written Nevada legislature urging to forgo it like Arizona (and Hawaii) has done. We haven't opted out yet, therefore I curse the days I commute in darkness in the morning and evening. I have a vitamin D deficiency as it is. I could really benefit from that extra hour of sun.

I have been soaking it up since the time change. Not only has that beautiful ball of light been shining bright, it's also brought warmth. Well, at least, to my neck of the woods. It's been near 90 since Sunday. It's been glorious! I wish it would stay like this forever. Last year, the kids didn't get into the pool until St. Patrick's Day. We beat that this year. Solar panels are wonderful, by the way. We hosted a pool party on Sunday. Friends and the family swam and soaked up the rays.

Frank put his pit master skills to use and smoked a couple pork shoulders for us all to enjoy. It was the perfect way to kick off the first of many sunday fundays.


KathyinNY said...

I'm so jealous - as we were getting hit with a major snowstorm. I've lived in upstate NY my whole life but looking forward to the day when I can enjoy sunshine and warmth during the winter days. I do enjoy Spring, Summer and Fall in upstate NY.

I bet that pork shoulder was fabulous! Enjoy.

Kellee said...

The warmth we had ought make its way to you & provide relief from the cold & snow. With any luck, spring will be kind. I know it is often a crap shoot. I can recall snow in May living in the midwest.