August 24, 2015

New Routines

Kids all over the valley started school today. Nick was no exception, it was his first day of the third grade. His new school is just over a mile from our house, and requires uniforms, he was less than thrilled about that, but he's coming around. They're not too strict; it seems solid colors without logos will do. The school goes year round, so that will be a little different, but I think he'll enjoy it. He'll be off for the usual holidays, spring and winter break, plus the months of October and February.

Addison just celebrated her first birthday, she'll be a big sister soon and Nick will be a super big brother. Amy and Jeff will have their hands full, when the baby comes in February. Nick being on break, then, is sure to be helpful.

Now that school has started they will live with us, I have no doubt lots of laughs and chaos will ensue. I gotta say being an aunt to these kiddos is pretty great!

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KathyinNY said...

That's great! You are going to be an Aunt once more. How exciting. And you say they're living with you?

I often wondered what it would be like to have school year round. Keep us posted. I love the pictures.

Kellee said...

Definitely excited to be an aunt again, can't wait to learn if it's a boy or girl.

Yes, they will live with us until they can save up for a place of their own. Year round school will take a little getting used to, but in the long run, I think it might be better. Short breaks should keep the kids more engaged and they shouldn't forget as much over a month compared to long summer break.