August 14, 2015

Leaving Las Vegas

It's official. We have left Las Vegas. I enjoyed living in Paradise, but the time has come to move to the 'burbs. We are now Henderson residents. We closed on our house a couple weeks ago and we are fully moved in. We hired movers this time, with Frank's bad back and my bad ankle & neck, it was money well spent. We possess far more stuff than I ever imagined. We really had quite a bit in our 2 bedroom apartment. We turned over the keys to the apartment earlier this month - No more speed bumps, yay! Even with all our stuff, we've needed to make additional purchases to fill the space we've gained in the house.

We're getting settled. The projects seem never ending and with the easy access to our very own pool it's amazing we get anything done. We're making good progress, though. It's beginning to come together, it's finally feeling like home.

The days whiz by in an instant. I really don't know where time goes. Life has felt like its been on fast-forward. Hopefully, it will slow soon. I'm not ready to say good-bye to summer. I haven't touched my camera since we've moved. So, no house photos yet. We haven't tried any new restaurants either. We've been eating at home most of the time. The perks of having a barbecue. Frank has been whipping us up feasts. You cannot beat the ease of grilling. Clean up is a breeze too.

It'll probably continue to be more quiet than usual around here for a little bit longer, but stay tuned.


KathyinNY said...

Congratulations! I didn't realize the new house was going to be in Henderson. It can't be too much of a drive into Vegas can it? I cannot wait to see the pictures and oh yeah show that pool again too. At least with your summer it cools down a little bit but you still can wear "summer" clothes compared to me where we have to get the sweaters and heavy coats out. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Kellee said...

We are on the border of Vegas and Henderson. Our location is still very convenient to the airport and the strip. It's true, our summer is followed by a few really beautiful months of weather. We are very fortunate. Pics still to come, I promise.

NevadaJay said...

Just getting caught up with you guys. Congrats on the move. Can't wait to see your new home photos. You do realize that there are thousands (tens of thousands probably), who are green with envy of your locale, right? :o)

Would you mind writing a post about the current state of Las Vegas/Henderson housing? We can't seem to find a reliable "real look" into the housing market out there in Paradise (yes, Paradise!).

Kellee said...

Thanks! Sure thing, I've been following homes we saw to see what they sold for with plans to provide what we encountered while house hunting.