March 23, 2015

Pizza Rock - Green Valley Ranch: Now Open

I'm typically hesitant to dine at a newly opened restaurant, but I've been waiting ages for Pizza Rock to come to GVR. I've become a huge fan of the downtown location so I was most excited to have it come to my neighborhood and be able to park with ease. We decided to give a go for a late dinner their second night.

Upon arrival, the hostess area was a nightmare. We saw open seats at the bar and opted to go that route. Service was sluggish to start and never really improved. Sitting at the bar with an empty beer and no water is hard to forgive when there are two bartenders and what appeared to be two managers present. Timing was poor, too, it's a pet peeve of mine when staff asks how everything is before you've had a chance to dig in. It feels like such a cop out and they were guilty of this. I will cut them some slack, though, they need time to work out kinks; and the other location typically delivers great service. Although, my last visit wasn't up to par... hopefully, I won't find that this is the current trend.

Anyhow, I've learned I'm not a fan of the pizzas on the happy hour menu and ordering from the menu is the way to go. I love the Margherita and Cracker Thin varieties, and the calzones and strombolis. The Diavola, and New Yorker are good too. This time we switched it up and tried the Detroit Red Top ($27). The meatballs ($8) are always a must! They are mighty delicious!!

The Detroit Red Top does not disappoint. It's a beast of a pizza, even if it is only four slices. Thick dough is layered with Wisconsin brick cheese, white cheddar and mozzarella and then topped with a robust tomato sauce. There are no toppings, but they can be added - next time, I probably will. But this is no boring cheese pizza. It's the crispy cheese edges & buttery crust that make it glorious.

The beer selection is outstanding! It wins me over every single time. I love the variety and the option of getting the best of our local brews in one spot is enticing. I have no doubt I'll become a regular. Hopefully, future service will do nothing to tarnish those plans.

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KathyinNY said...

That looks so good yet I'm not a fan of thick pizza - I prefer thin unless it is deep dish.

Kellee said...

I'm with ya, but occasionally I do enjoy a Sicilian slice. That's what Detroit style reminds me of...