March 16, 2015

Korean BBQ & Rolls

Mr. and Mrs. Lee invited us and some friends over for dinner. They prepared a fantastic spread of Korean delights. We couldn't have asked for a tastier dinner or more gracious hosts.

OK, so that's not actually true. Prior to walking into Korean BBQ & Rolls, we had never met the Lee's. They are the fantastic duo that run this quaint restaurant. We met friends for dinner; we were the only diners so we did feel like guests in their home. The dining room is a bit stark, but Mr. Lee exudes all the warmth the space needs. While Mrs. Lee works magic in the kitchen. The simplicity of it is incredibly charming.

We eagerly delved into the menu, but Mr. Lee encouraged us to begin with comforting creamy chicken soup before it got cold. He offered a second helping, but when we all refused it packed it up to send home with us. We excitedly ordered a slew of food, it all sounded so good. Mr. Lee repeatedly said, "It was too much". He was worried we'd waste our money. There was no need for concern. We were happy to stuff ourselves silly.

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Though, our eyes were a bit bigger than our stomach. Especially with additions the Lee's kindly sprung on us and the banchan. Still, we did our best, and made a heavy dent in our feast.

The Kimchi fried rice ($9) was loaded with bold flavor and extremely addictive.

The Japchae ($8.50) was one of the items Mr. Lee chose for us. This Korean dish has tender stir fried noodles and fresh veggies in a sweet and savory sauce.

The Pork Bulgogi roll ($8.50) was tasty, but also my least favorite item. However, those who are squeamish about raw sushi rolls just might enjoy this twist.

Mo Deum Jeon ($10.50) was a another treat the Lee's whipped up. The shrimp is served with the collar, the variety of pancakes are scrumptious with crab, white fish and meatball patties.

And finally, the Galbi ($18.50) and Bulgogi ($15.50). Both were served sizzling hot and perfectly marinated. We all agreed the Galbi stole the show. Excellent!

To finish, we were treated to Sikhye, a sweet rice drink that is known to help with digestion.

I adore mom and pop restaurants. There are too few in Las Vegas, but those that exist are real gems. Korean BBQ & Rolls is no exception. Don't come rushed, take the time to get to know Mr. & Mrs. Lee. You might need to serve yourself and you will need to ask for the check, but you won't be disappointed.

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I just love your food reviews. Thank you for sharing.

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