March 24, 2015

Life List 81-90

It's time to dust off the life list. I've been adding to it as things come to me. I've finally gathered enough for an entry.

81. Kayak Lake Powell

[Photo: Antoni Murcia/Pixoto]

82. See the sunrise and set on each coast

83. Visit Belgium

84. Step foot in southern and northern hemispheres.

85. Learn Spanish

86. Attend a concert at Red Rocks


87. Be the recipient of a giant cardboard check

88. Attend Beer Week in San Francisco

89. Eat corned beef and cabbage

90. Make exercise a habit

If I ever kayak it will be in Lake Powell. I think it would be the best way to experience the lake.

How neat would it be to see the sun rise on the east coast and set on the west coast; a perfect day.

Belgium has awesome beers, great chocolate and delicious food. I must go.

Stepping in both hemispheres was done in Ecuador last year.

I really really want to become fluent in Spanish. My vocabulary grew leaps and bounds in Ecuador. In Mexico, I use more spanglish. I think traveling would be even better if we didn't have language barriers.

I've always been told a concert at Red Rocks is a must! I'll get to experience it myself next month.

Who doesn't want a big pay day?

It wasn't until recently I even knew about Beer Week in San Francisco, but it sounds like a dream.

I made corned beef this St. Patrick's day. Frank and I realized we've never had corned beef and cabbage. I'm a bad Irish girl.

I haven't been able to exercise for months. I've learned it is required to manage weight and overall wellness. Soon, I'll be back at it. I want it to be part of a daily routine. I don't want to think of it as a chore.

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