February 5, 2015

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli inside Mirage, has been serving up monster sandwiches for years now. It's the best place in Vegas for corned beef or pastrami, so we go several times a year. They closed for a short bit to make some changes. When they reopened they reduced their menu and it is now counter service only. I've heard many complaints about the changes, but our experience was pleasant.

Orders are now placed at the old walk up/carry out window. There is a priority line for those who qualify with Mlife Player's cards. I can see that being a great benefit during peak times, because there are only two lines. The menu is considerably smaller, but our favorites remain. We could still get a corned beef reuben ($19.99), latkes ($13.99) and soda ($3.50). There is still a variety of cheesecakes ($9.99) to choose from, but my precious cookies are no longer available. They used to be chewy gooey deliciousness filled with white and milk chocolate chunks and walnuts. The current chocolate chip cookies ($3.75) don't compare, and frankly, they were not good at all. So, that part is a bummer. They still offer 20% discount to NV Residents.

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The Woody Allen, courtesy of my brother.

You're given a number and you find a seat. My mom and brother were also with us. They were pleased that they weren't charged a split plate charge for sharing the Woody Allen. They wanted water, but failed to mention it when they placed their order at the counter. The waitress happily took care of them. She was quite friendly, she brought us refills and pickles. I've heard tales of others not receiving pickles. We did tip upon ordering so that could have insured better service, but she seemed genuine.

A few minutes later, our food was served. The pastrami and corned beef were great, as always! The sandwiches improved, though, they now have a softer thicker rye bread (as pictured above). We all agreed it was so much tastier than the old stuff. The latkes were a bit different too, but they changed for the better. Three large pancakes were served. The texture was more smooth, and they seemed less greasy. We were quite impressed. When we were through, we simply got up and left. I hate being held hostage for a check. Needless to say, I was a fan of the new counter service. With the exception of the cookies, all changes seemed to be for the better. I hope they maintain the great quality, and keep it orderly and timely.

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