September 22, 2014

Thought Today Would Never Come

Finally, my sister will arrive tonight with her two adorable kiddos in tow. How amazing is she, traveling with a newborn and seven year old all by herself? Thank goodness, she's able and willing. I couldn't imagine waiting another second to meet my niece. I'm incredibly excited and I saw them back in May. My mom and my brother have had an even longer wait. About a year for mom and 1.5 for Mike. It will be chaotic for the next month, I'm sure. But I welcome the chaos.

Mom started radiation last week. So far, so good. They say it'll likely be 10-12 sessions before side effects start to show. Hopefully, whatever comes will be minimal and tolerable. She's still been feeling sick often. Meals remain a struggle. Last week, I was worried she developed a blood clot in her leg. Her radiation oncologist took a look, and recommended she keep an eye on it and see how it felt in a couple days. If no improvement, he wanted her to follow up with her regular doctor for an ultrasound. Unfortunately, it only got worse over the weekend. She went in for an ultrasound today and it is a blood clot. With any luck, it won't be too serious. She'll need to get daily injection of lovenox in addition to coumadin prescription. That means a daily trip to another doctor's office. Speaking of, we've found a new oncologist. She takes her time and listens. She seems to be good, and we like her staff. So, I think the change will be a good one.

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