September 3, 2014

A Ray of Sunshine

We finally got some good news today. A second PET scan was done yesterday per the request of the radiation oncologist. The results show no evidence of metastasis outside of the right lung and nearby lymph nodes. There is a new growth on the right lobe, but it does not change her staging or treatment plan. The affected lymph nodes indicate Stage IIIA rather than Stage IIIB. Which is good news, but I'm most satisfied with confirmation of Stage III. This not only provides renewed hope, but it also makes my mom a good candidate for radiation.

She can start right away, but we are working on switching oncologists and her radiation oncologist suggested we meet with the new doctor before starting treatment just to confirm that this is the best course of treatment since my mom isn't open to chemotherapy at this time. The combination would be better for her overall prognosis. However, chemo really sacrificed her quality of life. It might be revisited after radiation, but as of now, radiation will be the only treatment. Radiation can cure Stage III lung cancer, though, its best chance at success is in combination with chemotherapy. Still, if she lives five years to show no evidence of disease - it will be a miracle. No one really knows how much time she has (or any of us have), but statistically her prognosis keeps improving.

Her nausea has finally let up, she has an appetite, now, too. Her appetite improved over the weekend. She might have a sinus infection, but otherwise she is feeling considerably better. Her lupus has been acting up, but it's far more bearable than the never ending nausea. Hopefully, radiation side effects will be minor or non existent. We'll see, how it goes...

In the meantime, we are counting down the days until September 22. That night, we'll finally meet sweet Addison. Amy, Nicky and Addy will be flying in and staying for nearly a month. Hugs from them will be the best medicine. Just having their arrival date marked on the calendar has lifted our spirits.


Andie said...

this is promising news! Continued prayers headed your way!!!

Anonymous said...


Smiling all the way through your is a box of chocolates.

Keep on dancing!

Best thoughts and wishes.

christine said...

great news!