Bavarian Castle

September 24, 2014
I grew up eating German dishes on occasion, but it wasn't until I our layover in Germany that I began to really appreciate the cuisine. I was excited when I learned that Bavarian Castle opened in my neighborhood. We stopped in for dinner. When we walked in there were no warm greetings. Staff was a bit stand offish, just as we were about to turn around and leave another gentleman appeared and invited us to sit down. Boy! Am I glad we didn't go.

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Immediately, we were pleased to see they had K├Ânig Ludwig Weissbier. It one of our favorite beers that can sometimes be a rare find. We ordered the Schnitzel with mushroom sauce and a Platter of Sausages. The platter isn't on the menu, but we wanted to sample all the varieties so they put it together for us. It was a great presentation showcasing all their delicious offerings. We loved the sausages. The Schnitzel was a bit on the tough side, but flavor was good. We were much too full for dessert, but we won't miss the strudel next time.

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