February 19, 2014

Sunday Fun day!

Yes, it was Louisville I visited last week. But before I tell you about that trip, can I just say we had the most glorious weather here in Sin City over the weekend. It was bitterly cold in Louisville, so I was quite pleased to feel the warmth of home when I returned. Unfortunately, Frank is suffering on the east coast for a bit longer. So far this month, he's weathered sub zero temperatures and blizzards in Chicago, an ice storm and snow in Louisville and two nor'easters in Atlantic City. He doesn't come home til Saturday so who knows what else is in store. While he's been freezing in six states (IL, IN, KY, PA, NJ, NY... for those keeping count) I've been enjoying our mild winter. It's been dry and warm. Not quite as much sunshine as I'd like but I'll take a few overcast days over the cold. Who wouldn't? But this Sunday was simply sublime. It was the most perfect day. Sunny, blue skies and a high of 81.

I knew I wanted to be outside. My initial thought was a trip to Town Square, but the car steered northbound on I-15 long after the exit. The Container Park was my destination. I so greatly anticipated its completion, I'm ashamed it has taken me this long to experience it. My excuse is that its been cold and I'm a wuss. Friends and family have been and I've read the articles that say despite the neat concept businesses inside have had their share of struggles.

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Not this day. There wasn't a shop, eatery or bar without a crowd. There were families, locals and travelers from all over savoring their day at the Container Park. The only struggle I witnessed was navigating the crowds and locating the elevators. I preferred the stairs, but many with strollers were seeking rides. I looked around and it was fun for all ages. And not a wager in sight. It was refreshing.

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I've seen shipping containers used in Austin. I knew, then, how neat of a concept it was, but actually seeing the Container Park? It was so much more imaginative. It's a playground for kids of ages, or those young at heart. There's something for everyone. It's a great place to unwind and just be. I strolled from gallery to gallery. Names escape me. That's probably the biggest weakness no strong signage to announce where you're standing, but the wandering and meandering from level to level was playful. Similar to the kids running amok in the treehouse that serves as the centerpiece to the park.

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This piece from Italy spoke to me, it is appropriately named Hungry.

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In the back there's a stage which had live entertainment. The Janes were performing when I was there. A duo with nothing more than lovely vocals and cello performing cover songs. You've never heard Radiohead or Maroon 5 quite like this. The warm dry air left me parched so I stopped in the Boozery. I was pleased to see their strong support for local breweries, Tenaya Creek and Joseph James. I took a breather on the patio, enjoyed the tunes and soaked up that warm February sun. In that moment I thought, "this, right here, is why I left Chicago nearly eleven years ago", it could have only been sweeter if Frank was there to share it with me.

It is the perfect spot for spring and fall days, I suppose winter days in February too... and warm summer nights. I am interested to see what it's like after 9 o'clock when all the kiddies go to bed.

Where is the Container Park? Head east from Las Vegas Blvd and look for the preying mantis. Yes, the preying mantis.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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