February 12, 2014

Pam Real Thai

This Thai restaurant can easily be overlooked if it weren't for the grand opening banner which can be seen from driving NB on Decatur, north of Twain. It's what brought us in, my brother and I were surprised to find such a large cavernous space with only two other diners for lunch. I suppose it will take some time to get the word out. It took a few minutes for someone to seat us, but service was attentive after. We looked over the menu and saw no lunch specials, but menu items are reasonably priced. We ordered Pad Garlic Pepper and Beef ($6.95), Chicken Pad Thai ($6.95) and Garlic Fried Rice ($5.95). Fresh house salads with iceberg, cabbage, carrots and red onion drizzled with peanut sauce got us started and our entrees followed.

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The garlic fried rice had bits of crispy fried garlic and the rice was tender and flavorful. I've never had a fried rice quite like it, it was very enjoyable. My interest is piqued by the other fried rice options. I'd return for this alone.

I chose 3 out of 4 for spiciness of the pad thai, it delivered a dish with a sweet heat (I'd say a 6 at Archi's is comparable). The flavors were complex and well balanced, if the noodles weren't so gummy and hard to chew it would easily be one of the better pad thai dishes in the valley. It was solid enough to try again in hopes for better noodles in the future.

The pad garlic pepper and beef was the weak link, it had a sour flavor that I found unpleasant, and many of the cuts of beef were tough or chewy.

For being so new, they seem to have their act together. In time, I believe those empty tables will fill.

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