February 5, 2014

Got Apps?

I've upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3. It might be old technology, but it is light years ahead of my old smartphone. I'm digging it. It's sleek, smooth and I adore the 4.8 HD screen. Photos are so vivid, they really pop. I've downloaded my favorite apps and I still have plenty of room for more.

I was curious if you have any app suggestions?


Andie said...

For photo editing- Snapseed, Photoshop Express, Pic Tap Go

Instagram is another favorite!

I also like Waze (it's a traffic alert app, comes in handy for traffic jams, etc)

I have a bunch of others, but they are for toddler education and I don't think you would want one of those! :)

Jay said...

I wish I could help, but I have a Windows phone...and so few apps to choose from (200k vs. 1b for Android or iPhone). It's fun to get a new toy though...have fun exploring!

Kellee said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try them out.