September 9, 2013

Restaurant Week: Sage

Restaurant Week was cut short for us this time, because I was traveling to Chicago. We snuck in one more dinner beforehand at Sage. It is also one of our favorite restaurants so we knew it would not disappoint. Sage is great on many levels, but one thing that sets it apart from others is its beer menu. They always have a great selection and a few rare choices on draft. One day, I'm determined to come hungry enough to try the tasting menu with beer pairings.

On this day, though, Frank had a German beer, Schneider Weisse, and I had St. Feuillien Saison from Belgium. Both were delicious! Already off to great start, we welcomed the choice of bacon or baguette rolls. The baguette is my favorite. And we were brought an amuse bouche of lamb tartare. Yum! What a scrumptious little bite. While we intended to both choose items from the Restaurant Week menu, Frank opted to order off the menu so he could enjoy some favorites. My three courses for $50.13 included Chilled Sweet Corn Soup, Sea Scallops and Funnel Cake. Frank ordered Sweetbreads ($17) and the NY Strip Steak ($54).

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The soup was silky and smooth with chunks of delicate Dungeness crab. Huitlacoche was also part of this dish. It's not something I was familiar with, which is part of the fun at Sage. It always introduces me to something new. It's fungus that grows on corn, it's not common in the US, but in Mexico it is treated like a delicacy. Like we would consider truffles to be. Frank's sweetbreads were amazing, just like the first time we had them at Sage for my birthday dinner. I was fortunate that he shared. He must love me.

Frank's steak was beautifully prepared; a perfect medium-rare and it was piled high with mushrooms. Accompanied with a side of butter mashed potatoes. My scallops had a lovely sear and on the side was a lovely medley with sweetness from the grapes, smoky saltiness from the bacon and earthiness of the chanterelles.

We wrapped up this outstanding meal with funnel cake laced with strawberries and malted ice cream. It was a fantastic version of the carnival classic.

Service was once again exceptional. They do it right at Sage. I hope it stays put for a good long time.

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